2012-2013 Projected NHL Standings

We present the projected standings for the 2012-2013 NHL season. We’ve created an in-house model for expected wins based on goals for and goals against using the most updated team rosters available.

2012-2013 Projected NHL Standings – Eastern Conference
Rank Team Points
1* Pittsburgh Penguins 67
2* Boston Bruins 59
3* Washington Capitals 57
4 New York Rangers 65
5 Philadelphia Flyers 61
6 Toronto Maple Leafs 56
7 Winnipeg Jets 53
8 Buffalo Sabres 52
9 Carolina Hurricanes 52
10 Ottawa Senators 52
11 Tampa Bay Lightning 51
12 Montreal Canadiens 47
13 New Jersey Devils 43
14 New York Islanders 42
15 Florida Panthers 39
2012-2013 Projected NHL Standings – Western Conference
Rank Team Points
1* St. Louis Blues 66
2* Los Angeles Kings 63
3* Vancouver Canucks 61
4 Chicago Blackhawks 62
5 San Jose Sharks 61
6 Nashville Predators 57
7 Anaheim Ducks 54
8 Colorado Avalanche 53
9 Calgary Flames 53
10 Detroit Red Wings 53
11 Dallas Stars 52
12 Edmonton Oilers 51
13 Minnesota Wild 49
14 Phoenix Coyotes 44
15 Columbus Blue Jackets 39

* denotes division winners.

Comments (23)

  1. See my comments on facebook as re-posted below

    Leafs in 6th are you nuts…Coyotes, not making the playoffs? Really, can we bet on that one?

    and blues will not be top in West, switch Hurriances and Sens for Leafs, and sabres and you might be closer. flip van and blues in west and Ducks and Avs for Wild and Yotes, you might be closer

    • Mike

      If you check out the 7-11 seeds in both conferences, you’ll see that even a small shift would disrupt the order of those teams.

      As for Phoenix, I don’t see where the goals are going to come from and you can be sure that Mike Smith is not going to post another .930 this season!

  2. as for Phoenix: Hanzel, Vrbata and Doan, plus Larsson out of the D, and while Smith will not hit 930 again, he will be one of the top G’s out there, and they will make the playoffs….next years draft kit, double or nothing on it? :)

    • Mike

      Where are the goals coming from? They were the lowest scoring team in the NHL last season by far and their record was not indicative of the talent level.

  3. The difference from last year to this year for the Wild: Parise, Granlund, a healthy Koivu, and a healthy Bouchard on the THIRD line. Everyone of their top 9 could score 10 goals this year. Plus a shut down defenceman in Suter to help Backs out more than ever. I just don’t understand how a team that has improved from last year you figure will do worse this year. In other posts you bash people for basing rankings off of stats from the previous year. Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

    • Mike

      Ty – the standings above are based on projections for this upcoming year. The problem with Minnesota is that they scored 30 less goals than the Islanders last year. So even when you account for the expected increase in goals for, they still come up short when compared with most teams in the league.

  4. Too many Atlantic division teams up high. Too many games vs same division this year to seed them 1,4 and 5. I agree its the strongest division as far as top end teams but i think boston dominates the NE and finish first. Philly fall just because there the weakest of the powerhouse 3 in the atlantic. Flip Ottawa and toronto in my opinion.
    Your west looks great except for colorado minus oreilly they will start slow but 3 pts between 7th and 12th theres not much rm to nit pick all it takes is a bad bounce.

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