2013 NHL Awards

We’ve gathered a handful of hockey writers from different backgrounds to weigh in on the 2013 NHL Awards. Below, you’ll find the projected finalists (and winners) from the viewpoint of each writer as well as a consensus winner for each award. Where appropriate, writers have added commentary to justify a particular selection. Here are the contributors:

Ryan Lambert – @twolinepass
Erin Brown – @rinkside, rinkside.net
Anthony Travalgia – @BruinsDaily, BruinsDaily.com
Patrick McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock, leftwinglock.com
Mike McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock, leftwinglock.com

Bothered by and/or happy about any of the selections? Post your awards picks in the comments below.

The Hart Memorial Trophy

– annual award given to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team.

Winner Runner-up 1 Runner-up 2
Ryan Lambert – @twolinepass Sidney Crosby John Tavares Jonathan Toews
Erin Brown – @rinkside Sidney Crosby John Tavares Jonathan Toews
Anthony Travalgia – @BruinsDaily Alex Ovechkin Sidney Crosby Martin St. Louis
Patrick McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock John Tavares Sidney Crosby Ryan Getzlaf
Mike McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock Antti Niemi Alex Ovechkin Jonathan Toews
Consensus Pick Sidney Crosby

Scores: Crosby (10), Tavares (7), Ovechkin (5), Niemi (3), Toews (3), St. Louis (1), Getzlaf (1)

Erin Brown – It’s really a shame Crosby had close to a perfect year, because we really like Tavares’ effort in the Islanders quest to snap a six-year playoff drought. Crosby’s Pens can get to the postseason without him. We’re not sure we can say the same for Tavares’ Isles. But how do you overlook a player who averaged a point-and-a-half a game? You don’t. As for Toews, we think he’s the league’s most complete player, who has the numbers and intangibles that you can’t quantify.

Anthony Travalgia – The Hart Memorial Trophy is really a two-horse race between Crosby and Ovechkin with the slight edge going to Ovechkin. The way Ovechkin has turned his game around this season has been fun to watch as the Caps’ Captain has nearly single handedly led his team to the Southeast division title after it looked like they were going to miss the playoffs completely a month ago.

Mike McLaughlin – Antti Niemi is my pick for most valuable player because the Sharks have the 4th most points in the Western Conference despite having the 2nd worst team shooting percentage in the league.

The James Norris Memorial Trophy

– annual award given to the defense player who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position.

Winner Runner-up 1 Runner-up 2
Ryan Lambert – @twolinepass P.K. Subban Kris Letang Ryan Suter
Erin Brown – @rinkside Ryan Suter P.K. Subban Kris Letang
Anthony Travalgia – @BruinsDaily P.K. Subban Ryan Suter Oliver Ekman-Larsson
Patrick McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock P.K. Subban Zdeno Chara Ryan Suter
Mike McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock P.K. Subban Ryan Suter Kris Letang
Consensus Pick P.K. Subban

Scores: Subban (14), Suter (9), Letang (4), Chara (2), Ekman-Larsson (1)

Erin Brown – Suter does it all. He’s logged more ice time than any other defenseman, puts up decent offensive numbers, does his part in the defensive zone and keeps the giveaways down. We’re impressed by Subban’s offensive output, but it is heavily skewed toward the power play. Letang seemed to really come into his own, putting up points at a rate that would far surpass his career-highs in a full season.

Anthony Travalgia – I’ve never been a big believer of giving the Norris to an offensive-defenseman, but the numbers Subban has put up this season are just ridiculous. Subban has more points than eight NHL teams’ leading scorers and Subban missed the Canadiens first six games as he worked out a new contract with the team. Entering Thursday night’s games, Subban was tied with Alexander Ovechkin and Mike Ribeiro for the league lead in power play points with 25.

Patrick McLaughlin – I always saw this as an award for defensemen that were great defensively but also had nice offensive upside. But the selection of Erik Karlsson last season has tainted the Norris trophy for me. Although he spends more than twice as much time on the power play as he does on the penalty kill and certainly isn’t the best defensive defensemen in the league, P.K. Subban has been incredible since delaying the start of his season before signing a contract with the Canadiens. His point totals (in fewer games) rival those of star forwards, such as Zach Parise, Daniel Sedin, and teammate Max Pacioretty.

The Vezina Trophy

– annual award given to the goalkeeper adjudged to be the best at this position as voted by the general managers of all NHL clubs.

Winner Runner-up 1 Runner-up 2
Ryan Lambert – @twolinepass Sergei Bobrovsky Tuukka Rask Henrik Lundqvist
Erin Brown – @rinkside Tuukka Rask Sergei Bobrovsky Craig Anderson
Anthony Travalgia – @BruinsDaily Sergei Bobrovsky Tuukka Rask Craig Anderson
Patrick McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock Antti Niemi Sergei Bobrovsky Henrik Lundqvist
Mike McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock Sergei Bobrovsky Antti Niemi Tuukka Rask
Consensus Pick Sergei Bobrovsky

Scores: Bobrovsky (13), Rask (8), Niemi (5), Lundqvist (2), Anderson (2)

Erin Brown – Because of the shortened season, so few goaltenders have carried the full load of the schedule. Rask is one, and he’s done a superb job in doing so. Although 10th in wins, he’s among the top five in goals-against average, save percentage and shutouts. Bobrovsky is a close second for his effort, which may result in another trip to the playoffs for the Blue Jackets. Anderson gets a tip of the mask because his numbers are stellar. We would have liked to see what he could have done had he not injured his ankle.

Anthony Travalgia – You probably haven’t seen much of the Blue Jackets this season because, well, it’s the Blue Jackets. For those of you that have seen the Jackets play this season, you surely have been entertained by the stellar play of Bobrovsky. The former Flyer has been above and beyond the biggest surprise in the league this season as Columbus hangs around in the West for the final playoff spot.

Mike McLaughlin – This was the most difficult of the awards to nominate for because the differences between the top guys are negligible. I give the nod to Bobrovsky, but strong arguments can be made for my other picks.

The Calder Memorial Trophy

– annual award given to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League.

Winner Runner-up 1 Runner-up 2
Ryan Lambert – @twolinepass Jonathan Huberdeau Jonas Brodin Nail Yakupov
Erin Brown – @rinkside Jonathan Huberdeau Cory Conacher Brendan Gallagher
Anthony Travalgia – @BruinsDaily Jonathan Huberdeau Cory Conacher Brendan Gallagher
Patrick McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock Jonathan Huberdeau Cory Conacher Jake Muzzin
Mike McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock Jonathan Huberdeau Brandon Saad Brendan Gallagher
Consensus Pick Jonathan Huberdeau

Scores: Huberdeau (15), Conacher (6), Gallagher (3), Brodin (2), Saad (2), Yakupov (1), Muzzin (1)

Erin Brown – This race is tight since all three have been spectacular and equally consistent. We’re giving it to Huberdeau because he has excelled in spite of his situation. Whereas Conacher had the benefit of skating alongside superstar Steven Stamkos and Gallagher had the momentum of a winning franchise, Huberdeau had neither. Still, the 19-year-old leads all rookies in goals and points. When it comes to the actual award, though, we’re thinking those factors will be overlooked since Huberdeau plays on a last-place team in a market that gets zero respect.

Anthony Travalgia – The lone bright spot in Florida this season has certainly been Huberdeau as the 19-year old entered Thursday’s games the leading rookie scorer with 28 points. Huberdeau has shown tremendous talent and the kid has one heck of a shot. Huberdeau will be fun to watch as he develops into a legitimate scoring threat.

Patrick McLaughlin – This award, although limited to a much smaller sample size, is often as difficult to select as the Hart since forwards, defensemen, and goalies must somehow be evaluated as equals. However, there is one player that stands out above the rest this season – Florida’s Jonathan Huberdeau. The centerman has acquired 28 points in 45 games this season while playing around 17 minutes per game. Unlike some other Calder candidates, Huberdeau doesn’t have the benefit of playing with all-star linemates. Peter Mueller and Shawn Matthias are good players, but they are not Steven Stamkos, Martin St. Louis, Ryan Suter, or Drew Doughty.

The Jack Adams Award

– annual award presented by the National Hockey League Broadcasters’ Association to the NHL coach judged to have contributed the most to his team’s success.

Winner Runner-up 1 Runner-up 2
Ryan Lambert – @twolinepass Michel Therrien Joel Quenneville Dan Bylsma
Erin Brown – @rinkside Bruce Boudreau Paul MacLean Joel Quenneville
Anthony Travalgia – @BruinsDaily Paul MacLean Michel Therrien Adam Oates
Patrick McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock Adam Oates Joel Quenneville Paul MacLean
Mike McLaughlin – @Left_Wing_Lock Michel Therrien Paul MacLean Joel Quenneville
Consensus Pick Michel Therrien

Scores: Therrien (8), MacLean (8), Quenneville (6), Oates (4), Boudreau (3), Bylsma (1); Tie went to coach with most 1st-place votes.

Erin Brown – Boudreau sure rediscovered the magic from his rookie season in Washington during this shortened season. If not for Chicago’s freakish start, Boudreau’s Ducks might actually be the best of the best squad in the West. MacLean salvaged a season despite losing two top-line forwards, a Norris Trophy winner and one of the league’s top goaltenders. We can’t deny Quenneville a mention either given the Blackhawks historic points streak.

Anthony Travalgia – Even though they have been struggling of late, the job that MacLean has done in Ottawa has been inspiring, First MacLean and the Senators lose their starting goalie to an injury, yet the Sens keep on winning. After that, Ottawa looses one of their top scorers, yet the Sens keep on winng. Then they lose their defending Norris winning and top defensemen, yet once again, the Sens keep on winning. MacLean winning the Jack Adams is a no brainer.

Patrick McLaughlin – It took a couple weeks to get the pieces in place, but Adam Oates has the Capitals firing on all cylinders. Despite going 2-8-1 to start the season, the Capitals now sit atop the Southeast Division with a 25-18-2 record with just a week left in the regular season. This team may not be a favorite for the Stanley Cup, but Oates deserves major credit for turning the Capitals around. Any coach that can bring out the talent that Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, and Mike Green have been hiding the past few seasons deserves the Jack Adams award.

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Comments (4)

  1. xero

    I don’t deny that Crosby is most likely the league MVP. But the Hart trophy is supposed to be awarded to the player judged most valuable TO HIS TEAM. The Pens won with and without Sid, so I don’t think he should win. Tavares and Ovi were far more valuable to their respective teams than Crosby was to the Pens. An argument could be made for either player, but I believe Tavares should win the Hart.

    Agree on the comments about the Norris, I would hate to see the trophy start going to the leading d-man scorer every year, but it’s hard to argue what Subban has done this year. Suter seems to be the other other real option.

    The Vezina is going to be near impossible to decide, I think there are now 5 or 6 deserving goalies. Rask, Bobrovsky, Niemi, Lundqvist, and even guys like Anderson and Schneider who might be overlooked becacuse of playing a partial season. My gut says it goes to Bobrovsky now, but it’s going to be hard not to give it to Rask.

    I can’t argue what Huberdeau has done scoring-wise, but I think Gallagher deserves far more attention than it appears he’s getting for the Calder. Huberdeau had 28 points in 45 games getting 17 mins of ice time, but Gallagher had 26 in 43 getting only 14 mins of ice time. Huberdeau was a star on a team that had none, but there were more than a few games when Gallagher was the best player on the ice for the Habs, outplaying guys like Pacioretty and Plekanec.

    I was actually surprised to see Therrien as the concensus pick (although it appears it was anything but). I’d like to see him win it, taking the Habs from dead last to a home-ice playoff spot. I think, now that the Sens are clinched, it’s gotta go to Paul MacLean, with a runner-up to Therrien and Oates. No one who loses a top-10 scorer, a Vezina-candidate goalie and a Norris winner should be anywhere near the playoffs, and yet there they are.

    • Mike

      Crosby is in the unfortunate position that we know how his team performs with and without him. And while the sample size this season is small (he’s missed 11 games), the Penguins’ winning percentages with and without Crosby are nearly identical. That fact makes it difficult for me to support a Hart nomination for Crosby this season.

  2. SGTSteve0

    I would say that Toews is only getting overlooked because of the emergence of P. Kane. No one in the league does more intangibles than Toews. Maybe it’s just because what I see him do off the ice that makes me wonder why he’s overlooked, but I don’t see Ovechkin doing any intangibles. All Ovi does is shoot and score. He shows up for games, does his job and leaves. Toews lead the hawks to the best record in the NHL, while still having the time to do many other on ice intangibles…3 SHP, for example. In terms of Most Valuable to their team…Neither the Islanders or the Hawks would have done near what they did without their leaders, Tavares or Toews. Personally, if I had a vote, the order would be Tavares then Toews.

    Surprised also to not see more in favor of what Rask’s done…Boston finished 3rd in the contest for the Jennings trophy, Columbus finished a distant 10th. Bob had a good year, and doesn’t have the team around him that Rask does, but that’s not really Rask’s fault. If the team around him doesn’t matter for Crosby to be the favorite, why does it hurt Rask?

    Subban and Huberdeau rightfully seem like locks…but I’m surprised more mentions of Gallagher and Saad weren’t given. Is this also due to the team around them? Conacher has been tough to find on a score sheet over the last month…where rarely a game has passed with Saad or Gallagher not on it.

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