Number of Starts to Expect for Ryan Miller

According to Lindy Ruff (Buffalo Sabres head coach), Ryan Miller is expected to see 35-38 starts this year.

Source: Paul Hamilton

Depending on which end of that range Miller sees, he’ll be starting 73% – 79% of his team’s games. How does that matchup with recent, typical 82 game seasons?

Miller’s Starts in Buffalo
Season Starts Percentage
2011-2012 60 73%
2010-2011 65 79%
2009-2010 68 83%

Given that the 2012-2013 season will likely not be too compressed, it is not surprising that Miller’s workload won’t be reduced by much.

*Note: after the initial writing of this post, Bill Hoppe noted that Ruff indicated 36-38 starts.

Source: Bill Hoppe

**Note: after listening to the press conference, Ruff agrees to a 36-38 framework, which puts the percentages at 75% – 79%.

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