Putting the Kari Lehtonen Deal into Context

Kari Lehtonen was signed to a five year deal worth $29.5M. This puts his annual cap hit at $5.9M.

Source: Mark Stepneski

To frame Lehtonen’s deal in the proper context, we’ll look at all NHL goalies with a cap hit higher than Lehtonen’s and post each goalie’s EVSV% over the past five seasons:

Lehtonen Comparables Since 2007-2008
Goalie Age EVSV% Cap Hit (M) Duration
Pekka Rinne 29 .9284 $7.0 7
Henrik Lundqvist 30 .9270 $6.875 6
Carey Price 25 .9243 $6.5 6
Cam Ward 28 .9228 $6.3 6
Ryan Miller 32 .9231 $6.25 5
Niklas Backstrom 34 .9234 $6.0 4
Kari Lehtonen 28 .9256 $5.9 5

Of the goalies with higher cap hits than Lehtonen, only Rinne and Lundqvist boast higher EVSV% numbers than Lehtonen over the past five years. You might question this deal on the grounds of durability, but a performance-based argument seems misplaced.

*Cap hit and salary duration data sourced from: Cap Geek

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  1. UK Rob

    When he plays, Lehtonen is one of the best Goalies in the NHL, IMO. Like is mentioned, his injuries might hurt the team a bit but that shouldn’t take anything away from this deal being an absolute steal as the guy is still under 30 years old and boasts one of the best consistent SV% in the league.

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