Sit-or-Start Meter for Starting Goalies

As part of our updated Starting Goalies page, we are introducing the Sit-or-Start Meter for each starting goalie. The Sit-or-Start Meter is a visual representation of how strong we expect this goalie’s statistics to be for this particular game against this particular opponent. A high value on the Sit-or-Start Meter (70+) indicates an expected strong outing (low GAA, high SV%, good chance of a Win). The higher the number, the better the expected start.

A few quick points:

1. This meter is completely unrelated to a goalie’s confirmation status. At Left Wing Lock, we think Schrödinger’s Cat should stay in the realm of quantum physics. Goalies here are either confirmed or they are not. There is no such thing as a 79% confirmation.

2. This meter was not built to predict winners of games. A goalie can have a strong performance (GAA, SV%) and still lose the game.

3. This meter does use recent statistics of the goalie in question as well as offensive output data of the opposing team.

4. This meter does get smarter as the season progresses.

5. This meter replaces what some of you might remember as the GSI (Goalie Start Index) tool from last season.

Important note: for full viewing pleasure of the Sit-or-Start meter, you need to be using a modern web browser. Safari, Chrome, IE9+, and Firefox are all capable. Users of IE8 and below will not be able to see the Sit-or-Start meter.

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  1. Awesome, I’ll definitely be checking up on this daily along with the goalie confirmations. I thought it was a meter for what their % of starting was, so thanks for clearing that up.

  2. Mike

    @Alex & @Bob -

    These numbers are the result of a system we developed over the past few years. It’s hard to pinpoint one game and say “this is why his number is high”.

    In the end, it worked out pretty well in both of the cases you questioned.

  3. Just to clarify, what is the number on the meter when it looks like Schneider’s does for tonight (Jan 25)? I’ve seen it a couple other times so far this year and I’m not sure: Is it 0? -10?

    • If it’s all completely white, it’s 0. If it’s 10 then you’ll see the little shadowed line on the leading edge of the meter (most noticeable with Fleury, today)

      Love this meter. Very handy. It’s great that it actually uses the full scale so we get some resolution on the ratings. This site is extremely well run, thank you.

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