What Day Is It Anyway?

You’re not alone if you’re having trouble getting your bearings in this fantasy hockey season. With 720 games packed into 99 days and the start and end dates of the fantasy season significantly different from normal, your routine evaluations of your fantasy roster may not seem so routine. This post sets out to put the atypical schedule into context for you and was motivated by some fantasy hockey sites advising you to give up on the season if you are lagging in the standings.

Tonight, February 21, is the 1/3 mark of the season; that is, we will reach game number 240. But what does that mean? Below is a table that compares this season’s schedule to last season’s schedule.

Why February is Really December
Mark 2012-2013 2011-2012
1/3 Feb 21 Dec 07
1/2 Mar 09 Jan 09
2/3 Mar 27 Feb 11
3/4 Apr 04 Feb 25

So should you give up on the fantasy hockey season today? Do you normally give up on fantasy hockey in early December? Today is December 07. You’re not out of this yet.

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  1. That’s great but the season is actually halfway over after this week… You failed to take in account the 3 weeks of fantasy playoff games!

    If I am in last place Im not shooting for the end of actual nhl regular to right the ship… Im shooting to make the playoffs that start 3 weeks before then…

    So those who are struggling due to loss of Karlsson or put all you faith in Boston’s offense or anyone of the LA Kings…. BETTER START DOIN’ SOME WORK!

    -The Guy in First in Your League!

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