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Thread: Finals! Need advice.

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    Finals! Need advice.

    Hello folks. My team is in my sig all updated. Ill list the scored for this week so far.

    Me: 9/14/-5/16/6/72/110
    Him: 7/19/-5/6/8/67/62

    Me: 3/1/1.25/.947/1
    Him: 2/2/1.82/.938/0

    He has nieme, hiller. and theodore. Minimum 3 goalie starts a week. Should i sit my goalies the rest of the way, potentially lose wins, but keep the rest of the stats for goalies locked up? hope my skaters win? please let me know your opinions.

    The scoring stats are in my sig for referrence, in the exact order i listed the numbers.

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    Hmmm, not a big fan of losing that Lundqvist start against Montreal. But, you are up 5-0 in goalie categories. Your opponent has to start his goalies; he has no choice here. Your stats (and your opponent's) are so good (GAA/SV%) that a 'typical' start by either of your goalies is likely to hurt your numbers. I think I'd sit here and let your opponent blink first.

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