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Thread: Off-season keeper deal

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    Off-season keeper deal

    Not sure how much traffic this forum sees during the off-season, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

    I would give up Jordan staal for jaroslav Halak.

    There are 13 total keepers, only 2 are allowed to be goalies. My goalie keepers would be Schneider and Montoya without Halak.

    My current skater keepers are:

    Grabovski c
    Benn c lw
    Fleischmann lw
    Lupul lw rw
    McDonald c lw
    Steen c lw
    Staal c lw
    Strome c -- Ryan, my team sucks and this is literally the only prospect I could get. Is he worth keeping?
    Connolly rw - Brett
    Johnson d
    White d

    Obviously my team is horrible, so I'm rebuilding it the best I can.

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    What type of goalie categories do you use and how many do you use compared to skater categories?

    You almost have to make a deal like this in your situation.

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    Rebuilding or not, make this trade. Schneider may become a starter, but isn't yet. Montoya plays for the Islanders, which is goalie Kryptonite. And you'd better hope you get someone like Nail. Good luck.
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    RW: Kessel, Eriksson (LW), Simmonds, Nichushkin, Nyquist (C)
    D: Weber, Doughty, Kronwall, Carlson
    G: Howard, Rinne, Thomas

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