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    Fantasy EPL Soccer

    So yea I'm a fantasy addict I will play just about anything. I actually really like soccer for the most part so I play in 2 EPL leagues (weekly lineup changes) and then this year got in a $ league with a few friends. The rules are simple: we each drafted 6 teams and the "owner" of the teams that collectively has the most points wins. Simple (win=3, D=1, L=0). Winner gets paid 90%. The other 10% goes to the guy who has the team that wins the title. We drafted based off last years standings so I got the 2nd pick. I knew who was going #1 - Man U. Since you're dealing with 6 teams that means just 3 owners per grop FYI. We are playing team results and not individual players like we do in the other leagues.

    I was having a hell of a time b/c the landscape of the EPL changed so drastically during last years off season (Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City & Liverpool specifically made big changes). So with the 2nd pick I end up taking Man City. Figured losing Tevez was really bad but Aguero, Silva, Nasri, Balotelli (lol)...pretty good team but a definite wild card.

    Anyway that was 38 weeks ago and here we are in week 36 of 38 (3 matches to play for each team). I am crushing my league. Should be a small but decent payout. Sometimes I think I should try to convince this group to do every sport for $ because I usually finish 1-3 (1st in basketball, 2nd in baseball, 1st in football, 3rd in hockey now 1st in soccer). Well here are my picks and their current points. I also don't have any teams in the bottom 3 (relegation) or even close to it

    For those that don't know there are 20 teams in the English Premier League and it's a 38 match season.

    MBR* (207 matches played)

    Fulham - 46 (9th)
    New Castle - 62(4th)
    Tottenham - 59 (5th)
    Man City - 80 (2nd)
    Norwich - 43 (13th)
    W Brom - 45 (10th)
    Total - *335 points

    I'm around 30 points clear of the 2nd place guy so I think I've got the $
    ESPN 10 Team Keeper League (4 per year): Goals, Assists, +/-, ATOI, PPP, SHP, SOG, PIMs, Hits, Blocks;
    Wins, Saves, SO, SV%, GAA

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    - 2-time Vezina Trophy Winner (2013-14)

    Forwards - Malkin, Toews, Duchene, Couture, Kesler, Elias, Palat, Perron, B. Ryan, M. Granlund & R. Callahan
    D-Men - Doughty, Trouba, K. Russell, M. Stuart, Dekeyser & J. Benn
    Bench - M. Richards, Desharnais, Hemsky, Hanzal, L. Erikkson, L. Stempniak & Sobotka
    Goalies - Lundqvist, Rask, Schneider & Scrivens
    IR: Letang & Tavares

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    Newcastle is one word.

    Despite football (soccer) being my "first" sport I am absolutely useless at Fantasy Football. I never finish higher than 8th in my 12-14 player league with friends and the rules are generally substantially different from Fantasy Hockey with limits of 1 move per week and no restrictions on which players can be chosen which usually means that the top teams all have the same players save one or two.
    Claude's Golf Finger - LWL Phoenix League

    C - Kopitar, MacKinnon (RW), Oshie (RW), Henrique, S. Koivu
    LW - Landeskog, Hudler (RW), Umberger, Tatar (C)
    RW - Wheeler, Read
    D - Pietrangelo, Timonen, Shattenkirk, Franson, Faulk, Schultz
    G - Niemi, Halak, Elliott
    IR - Fasth, Tanguay

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    I choose Bayern Munich

    LWL PHX 12 team - G|A|+/-|PIM|PPP|SHP|SOG|FW|Hit|BlkS || W|GAA|SV|SV%|SHO
    LW - Ladd, Zuccarello, Lupul (RW)
    C - Thornton, Bozak, PKane (RW)
    RW - Voracek, Pominville, J. Williams, Alfredsson, Horton, Parenteau
    D - Weber, Suter, Markov, Garrison
    G - Lundqvist, Kuemper, Gigure, Andersen
    IR+: HSedin (C), Bolland (C), Moulson (LW)

    Work 12 team - G|A|Pts|+/-|PIM|PPP|SOG|FW|Hit|BlkS || W|GAA|SV|SV%|SHO
    LW - Hartnell, MRichards (C), JStaal (C), Ryan (RW)
    C - EStaal, Kopitar, Ribeiro, Plekanec, Ott (LW)
    RW - R Smith, Pavelski (C), Oshie (C), Little (C)
    D - Phaneuf, Green, Gudas, Niskanen
    G - Lundqvist, Halak, Andersen

    Friends 10 team - G|A|+/-|PIM|PPP|SOG|FW|Hit || W|GAA|SV%|SHO
    LW - Parise, Palat, Zuccarello, Steen (C), Sharp (C)
    C - Plekanec, Nielsen, Stastny, Kesler (RW)
    RW - Ovechkin, Vrbata, Neal (LW)
    D - Subban, Yandle, Giordano, Niskanen
    G - Howard, Kuemper
    IR: Franzen (RW/LW), Harding (G), Bieksa (D)

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