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Thread: Is Elliot worth keeping even with Halak ahead of him?

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    Is Elliot worth keeping even with Halak ahead of him?

    What do you guys think? Is he worth keeping?
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    Hopefully you don't have to make a decision on this soon - I'm in the same boat except with Halak. Is he worth keeping if Elliott stays and he's splitting starts again next year? They both essentially killed the others overall impact (fantasy wise) this year. It was rough seeing a guy get a shut out (or 2 straight) and get benched. It was also an issue about reliability when you really have no idea what Hitchcock is going to do. They also ruined each others trade value. Either you got lowballed because they weren't being seen as full-time starters (which they weren't) or you had to target the owner that wanted to have both guys on his bench, which in my experience(s) are few and far between because of the availability of other very good goalies that got more starts plain and simple.

    I personally think we've gotta see what STL does during the off-season. I would think that they'd try to move Elliott since they are paying Halak out the wazoo - but at the same time they're not going to give the guy away. I can see a lot of teams coming in wanting a guy like Elliott (cough cough Tampa) but we'll have to see what they're willing to pay. If he stays in STL personally I don't see the point in keeping him....or Halak for that matter. I'd probably have a shot at a top tier goalie in the early rounds that is the set starter so in that situation I'd rather keep a skater like say Towes and gamble on getting said goalie early or if worst re-drafting the guy.

    Don't know if any of that really helped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hovercraft View Post
    What do you guys think? Is he worth keeping?
    Brian Elliott is going to make for an interesting case study next season. His career SV% (which is really the only thing close to a measuring stick for goalie talent) is .909 - and this includes his most recent season with the .940 SV%. But, he's only played in 180 games in his career dating back to the 2007-2008 season. That's the equivalent of 2.2 seasons (not very much data when you're evaluating a goalie).

    Things get slightly better if you only look at his even-strength SV%. His career number is .915, which is a bit more respectable.

    The biggest problem I see with keeping Elliott in your type of scoring system is that if he splits starts with Halak, his impact on the W & SHO categories could be muted.

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    Like Mike said, I think his value is based on your scoring system. They just signed him to a 2-3 year extension (I forget the details) during the middle of this season so he isn't going anywhere. I don't see him getting any more starts than he did this year, and possibly less if Halak starts off stronger next year. He may still put up good GAA and SV% numbers but if you require minimum starts or if Wins/Shutouts are scoring categories then I would not rely on him much.

    He would be a terrific third goalie in most scoring systems, but likely not a second and certainly not a first.
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