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Thread: Picking up Steve Mason? Thoughts...

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    Picking up Steve Mason? Thoughts...

    He has just been dropped in my pool, was wondering what your thoughts are about him. Do you think he's worth picking up? My other G's are Luongo Halak and Anderson, planning to roll 4 goalies and wait it out to see how Anderson and Mason do then decide whether i should drop one or the other? In order for me to pick him up I would prob have to drop JVR. Is mason worth it in the long stretch?

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    I have heard that Mason's backup Mark Dekanich might steal a lot of his starts once he comes back from IR. But he is a rookie so that remains to be seen. Personally I don't think I would drop JVR to pick him up. Having 3 losing goalies (Halak, Anderson, Mason) on your roster just seems like wasted space to me. He doesn't look like he is going to improve in the short term and Halak and Anderson are both more likely to even out down the stretch.

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