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Thread: Suter or Salo?

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    Suter or Salo?

    Who would you rather have?

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    I go with Salo, he's getting the pp minutes that were left when Ehrhoff jumped ship. Looks like pp points are a hot commodity in your league.

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    I just dropped Suter for him, figured you can't go wrong with a player who plays on the first pp unit on van.

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    And with Samulsson gone, who used to play the point on top PP, It's Salos job for sure now. Grab him now while you can.

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    Salo is a a huge pickup right now, grab him while he is healthy.

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    I agree with Salo and all the opinions above. Picked him up last week as my 4th D man....solid acquisition (as long as he stays healthy...knock on wood...) Already came through with a PPP and tons of SOG
    Yahoo 12-man, weekly H2H, single yr league, no keepers, 3-gm goalie min, 4 waivers/wk
    Stats: G, A, +/-, PIMs, PPP, SOG, FOW, HITS, W, GAA SV%

    C: Staal, Sharp (C/RW), Grabovski, Jokinen
    LW: Benn (C), Morrow, Leino (C),
    RW: Horton, Havlat, Hemsky*
    D: Goligoski, Shattenkirk, Yandle, Salo**
    G: King Henrik, Howard
    IR C: Carter (RW)

    *IR as of 10/30...hoping game ready 11/8
    **Use slot for weekly wire moves

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